503 Pro Video Head w/ QR - 3460
Product # BO3460

Replaced by 503HDV

Designed to support the latest professional digital video cameras.
Particular care has been taken to achieve the best combination between fluid and friction to allow the smoothest possible pans and tilts. The head is also equipped with a built in balance spring to help to support the camera weight.

The 503 head has the best Price/Performance ratio of any fluid head on the market today. Designed for payloads up to an ample 13 lbs. The light but positive fluid movement provides exceptionally smooth control. The new drag adjustment device is continuous, from 0 to maximum level, allowing very fine control of the movements.

The 503 Pro Video Head also features a quick-release sliding plate with VHS pin, a single pan handle and a flat base with 3/8" tripod mount.

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Video Yes
Maximum Load Capacity37228fc5-7d54-4947-87a5-9d1bcf55f232 SMS 13.2 lb.
Head Height 4.1 in
Pan 360° 1363326b-e173-40a9-a673-03b34d5836bf SMS
Pan Drag Continuously adjustable
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Tilt -60° +90°
Pan Drag Continuously adjustable
Independent Tilt Lock Yes
Spring Counterbalance 1 fixed spring for 5.5 lbs camera weight
QR Plate 3433PL
Weight 3.52 lb

Quick-release sliding plate with VHS pin and safety release button, and tilt lock control. Adjustable tilt friction control. The pan handle can be mounted left or right. Optional second handle is available The 503 features an adjustable pan friction control, separate pan and tilt locks, and a built-in spirit level.

3/27/07 Prices subject to change without notice