ProMaster Basis B170D LED Studio Light - Daylight

Vendor: ProMaster

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ProMaster Basis B170D LED Studio Light - Daylight

ProMaster SKU: 8391 | Helix SKU: PR8391

The ProMaster BASIS B170 studio light is daylight balanced and has excellent color accuracy to give your photos a sunlight-quality effect. Its controls are easy to use and have a full range of adjustment. The B170 consumes very little power and remains cool and quiet during operation, making it a great light source for photography and videography. Because of its constant illumination you can easily see highlights, shadows, and other lighting effects while using and adjusting the B170. These are affordable light kits that are no-frills, easy-to-use, and of excellent quality.

Simply put: A high quality light at an affordable price.

Each light has an easy-to-use mount with integrated umbrella holder. A white diffusion sock creates soft illumination. A simple concept that also keeps the size of the light small and maneuverable; especially helpful for a first-time user.

Integrated round reflectors create a beautiful, natural looking catch-light in your subject’s eyes especially when used with the diffusion sock.

Noiseless cooling assures they can be used for videography without any annoying   background ‘humming’.

Controls are robust yet simple. Turn the large dial to make the light go on and off and to control the intensity of the light as you rotate it.

Power cords are generously long so the lights can easily be positioned without restriction.

Light stands are custom designed to be small yet useful. We have reduced the overall dimensional size of the kits to create a truly compact travel kit.

Basis lights are available exclusively as daylight balanced color temperature units. So you don’t need to learn about color temperature or white balance. Instead just focus on understanding how to properly light illuminate the scene and get accurate colors every time!

  • Output power: 170 lux at 10' / 3 m at maximum power
  • Output adjustment:
  • Power consumption: 38 W
  • Color temperature: 5600K +/- 200K
  • Color accuracy: CRI 90+
  • Dimensions: 11" H x 8 1/2" W x 7 1/2" D / 279.4mm x 215.9mm x 190.5mm
  • Weight: 24.7 oz / 700 g (not including AC power adapter or diffusion sock)

 - Power Cable

- Diffusion Bonnet