Rogue Flash Gels Filter Kit - Color Correction

Vendor: ExpoImaging

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Rogue Flash Gels Filter Kit - Color Correction


Color correction gels are used to improve overall color balance in an image by adjusting the color temperature of the flash to better match other ambient light sources.  White balance your camera and color balance your speedlights for consistent and uniform color in mixed lighting environments.


  • Gels attach quickly to flash with included silicone bands
  • Rogue Flash Gels are printed with name and f/Stop loss values
  • Size:  6"x3" (152mm x 76mm)
  • Kit Weight:  1.6 oz (45g)


Soft padded storage pouch
3 Rogue Gel attachment bands
18 Color Correction Flash Gels (3 each of 6 correction colors)

    What gels are included in this kit?

    The Correction Filter Kit includes 3x each of the following color correction gels:  1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, 1/2 CTB, Plus Green, Full White Diffusion (1 Stop).

    How do I use color correction gels?

    Identify your light source, select the appropriate color correction gel(s), then attach the gel(s) to your flash.  It is important to then set a custom white balance, or set the camera to the same white a lance setting as shown on the attached correction gel.

    CTB gels are used to color balance flash to shade, or blue sky ambient light sources.

    CTO gels are used to color balance flash to incandescent, tungsten, or halogen ambient light sources.

    • Use Full CTO for 3,200K ambient light
    • Use 1/2 CTO for 3,800K ambient light
    • Use 1/4 CTO for 4,600K ambient light

    Plus Green gels are used in combination with CTO gels to color balance flash to fluorescent ambient light sources.

    • Use Plus Green + 1/2 CTO for 3,600K fluorescent tubes
    • Use Plus Green + 1/4 CTO for 4,300K fluorescent tubes
    • Use Plus Green for 5,700K fluorescent tubes

    What flash brands will Rogue Flash Gels fit?

    With a coverage area of 3" x 2.5" (76mm x 63mm) Rogue Flash Gels are large enough to cover even the largest flash heads, and they can be creased or trimmed for smaller flash heads as desired.  Their innovative tabbed design allows them to be quickly attached to a wide range of shoe mount flash brands, including:  Canon, Konica, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Nissin, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Quantum, Sigma, Sony, and Vivitar.

    About Rogue Flash Gels:

    Rogue Gels are made from the world’s highest quality materials from LEE Filters UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting filter products.