F&V Follow Focus Advanced 1 - Single Unit 108110500001

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F&V Follow Focus Advanced 1 - Single Unit 108110500001

The F&V Lighting Follow Focus Advanced 1 allows you to work quickly and efficiently. With features such as a reversible gear box and a 15mm snap-on rail mount, this follow focus delivers ergonomic design for the professional. Snap-on Rail Mount: The Follow Focus Advanced 1 mounts onto standard 15mm rod systems. Its mounting system features two thumb screws: one for tightening the system to the rods and another which allows you to adjust the lateral movement of the gear box - either closer or farther away from the lens.

Reversible Gear Box: The gear box of the Follow Focus Advanced 1 features an internal worm gear that allows for precise control and no backlash. The gear box of this follow focus can be flipped to one side or the other. A thumbscrew on the bottom side of the gearbox releases the gearbox and focus knob unit from the rail mount and the gear box can be flipped to sit on the other side. This allows you to bring the drive gear either closer or farther away from the body of the camera when necessary - depending on the location of the focus ring on your lens. This comes quite handy with the use of non-standardized DSLR photography lenses. This follow focus comes with a 0.8M/40T drive gear. The drive gears are interchangeable.

Tension Dampening Focus Knob: Located on the focus knob of this system is a button that allows for the user to dampen the tension of the gear box. Hold the button and turn the focus knob right to increase tension, or hold the button and rotate left to lessen the tension. The ability to increase the tension of the gear box is immensely helpful when shooting with lenses that have a loose focus ring. The dampening system allows you to always be in control. The focus knob of this follow focus also has a dry erase focus marking disc as well as an adjustable focus tic mark. The marking disc is capable of being removed.


  • Aluminum Build
  • Snap-on 15mm Rail Mount
  • Reversible Gear Box
  • Tension Dampening
  • Interchangeable Drive Gear
  • Removable Focus Marking Disc
  • Adjustable Focus Marker
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