Nikon 20X Fieldmicroscope Mini 7314

Vendor: Nikon

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Nikon 20X Fieldmicroscope Mini 7314

Nikon Microscopes - Nikon Mini Naturescope Field Microscope 7314 is a mini microscope that has realized the smaller size and the lower price by dropping a built-inillumination, while it keeps the same high optical quality as the current one (="Naturescope (Fieldmicroscope)" ). Plus, it features a waterresistant structure to be used in the light rain and damp environment, such asat the seaside.

Naturescope (Fieldmicroscope)Mini Naturescope (Fieldmicroscope)
Type Stereoscopic microscope
Magnification 20x (fixed)
Optical system Erect unreversed image, Eyepiece diopter adjustable
Convergend angle 12.6 degree
Field of view 11 mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment 51 to 72 mm 56 to 72 mm
Dioptre adjustment - 3 to + 3 D - 4 to + 2 D
Focusing range (Vertical adjustment) 42 mm (from the base of the stage) 50 mm (from the base of the stage)
Illuminator -- 2.5 V - 0.5 A halogen lamp
Power source -- 3V CR123A lithum battery x 1 
Dimensions (HxDxW) and weight (approx.) 156/124 x 90 x 89 mm ; 395 g 184/144 x 94 x 100 mm ; 610 g (without battery)
Features of Nikon Major Nikon Mini Naturescope Field Microscopes - Nikon 7314
Water Resistant construction with the use of special O-ring
20x Magnification
Compact, Stylish design with the light weight of 395 g
Slide-type Lens Cover to protect objective lenses The slide-type lens cover protects the objectives when not in use.
Torque Adjustment Ring
Convertible Plate for the observation of various subjects
Wider 51 to 72 mm Interpupillary Distance Range
Convenient Tripod Socket

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