Norman D12 Power Pack 1200 watt second

Vendor: Norman

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Norman D12 Power Pack 1200 watt second

Norman SKU: 810815 | Helix SKU: NR810815

Commercial Photographers need lighting equipment that will provide the power, repeatability and versatility required to handle the endless variety of assignments they encounter on a daily basis. Norman Series 900 equipment has always been able to meet these challenges, and the D12 and D24 Digital Power Supplies are no exception.

These 1200 and 2400 watt-second systems incorporate four lamphead outlets with digital displays and individual on/off switching. Power levels are adjusted through two channels, each with a five-stop range that are adjustable in 1/10 stop increments. You can also combine the two channels to deliver full power to a single lamphead or to create a symmetrical power supply.

Compatible with all Series 900 Lampheads and related light modifiers
- Optional software for complete control from your PC
- Photo eye, 1/4" sync jack and optional PocketWizard™ Radio Receiver
- Accurate digital controls with LED display for each lamphead
- Easy to use rotary knobs control power settings and modeling light levels
- Selectable audible and visual flash verification
- Misfire alarm for each lamphead
- Flash repeatability of 1/20 stop at full power
- Slow charge option allows shooting at locations with sub-par wiring
- Full two year limited parts and labor warranty
- Independent safety approvals including ETL, CETL and FCC

1- LED Display: Displays the power in watt-seconds that has been set for that lamphead.

2- Power Switch: Switches AC power on/off. Internal memory retains settings.

3- AC Power Inlet: 115 volt 60HZ power input, stabilized to provide repeatibility of 1/20 stop at full power with AC line voltage fluctuations between 105-125 volts. 

4- Reset 15 Amp Circuit Breaker: Automatically protects the flash circuit against excessive overloads.

5- Sync Outlets: Two sync outlets available for triggering from multiple cameras or meters.

6- Computer Control Modular Jack: Used to connect the power pack to a PC via serial port when using Norman Power Supply Communication Software.

7- Lamphead Enable: Allows a lamphead to be turned off without unplugging it.

8- Modeling Lamp: Can be set to full, ratio or off. Trim control brightens or dims without losing ratio.

9- Flash Verification: Audible verification will beep twice when the unit has returned to full power. Visual verification will cycle the modeling on and off, and then return to its previous state. 

10- Combine: When the pack is in combine mode, all of the power in the power pack is distributed evenly to all lampheads that are enabled.

11- Photo Eye: Can be switched on to permit remote triggering from another flash source.

12- Slow Charge: When enabled the units recycle time is increased, which is useful when shooting at a location that has sub-par wiring.

13- Power Trim Knobs: Adjusts the flash output from full to -5 f/stops in 1/10 stop increments 

14- Test Button/Ready Light: Press button to manually flash unit. Switch will light when ready to be triggered.

15- Antenna: For built-in PocketWizard™ Radio Receiver.

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