Photoflex LitePanel 39x72" White/Silver Fabric

Vendor: Photoflex

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Photoflex LitePanel 39x72" White/Silver Fabric

Photoflex SKU: 870508 | Helix SKU: PFX870508


Photoflex LitePanels provide easy-to-use, transportable reflector solutions. Great for the studio and location work.

Made to be used with our LitePanel 39x72" rectangular frames, our fabrics are reversible, durable and easy to use.

LitePanel frames are sold separately. 

White/Silver: White surface reflects direct light where the highly reflective surfaces would be too strong. Silver surface is used to increase specular highlights, adding more contrast to your image. 

  • White/Silver LP-3972WS / 870508
  • Elastic corners for fast, secure fit
  • Double-lamination for maximum source light reflection
  • Each LitePanel fabric is double-sided for maximum versatility



  • Outside dimensions: 39 x 72"


1.0 lbs