Speedotron 2403CX LV - 3 Light Flash System w/ 202VFC Light Units & 7" reflectors - No Case

Vendor: Speedotron

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Speedotron 2403CX LV - 3 Light Flash System w/ 202VFC Light Units & 7" reflectors - No Case - SP850570

This system provides power and versatility for the location or studio photographer. A compact but powerful 2403CX Power Supply is matched with three 202VF compact variable focus Color Corrected Light Units. Also included are 3 Light Stands and one 36"x48" Soft Light Box.


1 - 2403CX LV Power Supply 850128 in package
3 - 202VF CC Light Unit with 7" Reflector 850380 in package
1 - 10’ Air Cushion Stand 853165 in package
2 - 8.5' Air Cushion Stand, 5/8" Stud 853175 in package
1 - Soft Light Box Large 36x48" with Speedring 851420 in package


2403CX LV (850128) The 2403CX LV power supply offers 2400 watt-seconds of power coupled with an unparalled 53 light ratio options and dial-down power control. It offers maximum versatility and sophisticated light control. Power distribution is symmetrical/asymmetrical from one to six light units. The variable power control changes flash power in 10 increments to -3 f-stops (1/8 power). Power levels can also be changed with the optional remote to allow exposure bracketing from camera position. Recycle time is a fast 2 seconds at full power. The guide number is 710 at ISO 100. Flash duration range from 1/450 sec. to 1/1300 sec. with the 103C light unit. 2403CX Flash Power (watt-seconds) 2400 Fast Recycle Full Power 2.0 sec Slow Recycle Yes Power Distribution Sym./Asym. Ratio Combinations 53 Variable Power Control Flash Only Power Levels Full to 1/8 Guide Number* 710 Flash Duration Full Power 1/300 sec. Black Line Power Supplies The visual/audible ready signal illuminates and beeps when the power level is 100%. Push to flash is built into the ready light. Other features include on/off model lamp switch, ¼” sync outlet, push to reset circuit breaker, fast/slow recycle, and low voltage trigger circuit for safe digital camera operation. Auto dump occurs when changing power levels or when the unit is turned off.

202VF7C (850380) The medium duty 202VFC light unit is designed to function at power levels up to 2400 watt-seconds and has a 2400 watt second flash tube. It works with all Black Line power supplies including the 4 standard outlets on the 4803CX LV.

LS10AC | 10’ Air cushioned light stand (853165) with 5/8” stud. Min. height 37.5” Folded height 34.5”. Color: Black anodize.

LS85AC | 8.5’ Air cushioned light stand (853175) with 5/8” stud. Min. height 37”. Folded Height 34”. Color: Black anodize.

SLB36X48 | Large Soft Box 36” X 48” (851420) with Speedring for Black Line 202VF and 206VF



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